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Once when mastery returned to reside
In Prince Death's darkly curtained halls
Canst thou remember the glorious night
Didst thou not answer Him as He calleth?
Dancing in line, all His acolytes and priests
The One above all dread Grand Archgod of Prey
Hath been conjured to rise in the midnight speeches

So together we "walked"

Walked that nethermost path one that leadeth to the outside
Behynde where monuments of vanished days layeth waste
Through the gateway of shadows, where resistance is in vain
To take Him home,

Ruler fixes His stare so blind,
Painfull to the eye and minde
Conquering the worlds in flight
Plague and madness to Mankind:

The gate to the Outside was open too long
The gate to the Outside was open too long
The gate to the Outside was open too long
The gate to the Outside was open too long

    “Nine for mortal men doomed to die”

    Nine for mortal men doomed to die”

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    "What here I’ve said from fancy’s wing
    A sense supporting, at my need
    You may deny – say – no such thing
    T’is all wrong every bit indeed.
    Well! To your judgment I must bow
    Freely it’s exercise allow
    You perhaps to such are more inured.
    Your notions may be more endured
    But whether it be or be not so
    You can afford to let this go
    For nought as nothing it explains
    And nothing from nothing nothing gains."
    Richard Dadd, 1865
    — 3 years ago
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    "Half our days we pass in the shadow of the earth; and the brother of death exacteth a third part of our lives."
    Thomas Browne, On Dreams (c.1650)
    — 3 years ago
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    "We all labour against our own cure; for death is the cure of all disease."
    Thomas Browne, Religio Medici (1642) , 11. 9.
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